Prayer for Cleansing from
Bitter Root Judgments and Bitter Root Expectancies

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I confess and repent of all my bitter root judgments and bitter root expectancies of my father and mother and all other persons including those I remember and those I don't remember. I cancel every one of them and destroy by the finger of the Living God all curses and effects thereof. In their place I bless all those involved with every blessing that I can give, setting them free from all my judgments and condemnations in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I honor my father and mother to the extent God's will permits-in every area of my life. I cancel all inner vows that I have ever made contrary to the will of my Heavenly Father and destroy the curses and effects thereof replacing them with that which blesses all involved. I bring to the cross for crucifixion all attitudes, habits, practices and consequences coming from all of the above, reckoning them as dead on the cross when Christ died. I choose to hate all my sins enough to give them up no matter what His cost shall be according to His will and through the Christ who strengthens me. I confess and repent of all wrongful judging coming from an impure heart involving blame, condemnation, anger, envy, jealousy, bitterness, and all wrongful motives. I replace them with all the blessings that I can give in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I ask God to forgive me wherever I have sown wrongful thoughts, words, and actions and to spare me from reaping therefrom insofar as His will permits and redeem all the rest. I forgive my father and mother and all others, asking that anything of which I am not aware be brought to my mind by the Holy Spirit. I pray God's richest blessing on all who have wronged me. I cancel all parental inversion that has taken place in my life, and all bondage to performance orientation. I repent of and cancel all my sinful attitudes and practices not included in the above. I replace them with the love of God and His holy will for myself and all involved. Anything not included in-the above that should be, I do now include in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Anything not prayed correctly, I ask the Holy Spirit to complete as necessary in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in whose Name all of this is done for the honor and glory of God.

I ask You Lord Jesus Christ to come here now and take me and all aspects of myself into your loving arms. I ask you to show me the lies that I have believed regarding any sins done to me or which I have chosen to commit. I ask you, my heavenly Father to replace these lies with truth, giving forgiveness, cleansing, healing, comfort, and full, complete, and permanent deliverance from both the lies I have believed and any and all grounds given to Satan or his demonic forces. Fully redeem all the above failures and preserve me from repeating the same. Thank you, Lord Jesus

In every case where there is a specific memory of the wrong,
it should be specifically mentioned in the prayer.
As new memories surface, they should be included in this prayer