Testimonies of people touched by the power of God!

Lisa Hall came to Church in a wheelchair, November 25th. After hearing a message about the healing power of Jesus available TODAY, her husband wheeled her up front for prayer. We anointed her with oil in accordance with James 5:14, the entire congregation laid hands on her and prayed. She immediately rose up out of the wheelchair and began walking with God, leaving behind her wheelchair, her fears, and her afflictions. After Church, she went to a flea market and walked for three hours until her feet were sore!

Last Summer, Linda Lane disclosed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. After much prodding from her fiancé, Ronald Babineaux, she came forward and asked for prayer. She said that she could feel the heat of the healing fire of Jesus pour into her body. Linda testified on December 2nd that she had been to her doctor for follow up care and the cancer was gone. There was nothing left but scar tissue. She has gone "about" proclaiming the Name of Jesus is above all names including cancer and bondage to fear.

Charlie Denk is on fire for Jesus. After being water baptized in August and receiving the Holy Spirit Baptism in October, he decided to go through our deliverance process. He testified that he has NEVER felt cleaner, holier, and purer than he does since his deliverance, surprising even his mother as she sees a new creature in Christ, restored spiritually, mentally and emotionally.


REV. EUNICE MEAD Testimony (Telephone Deliverance)

 Hey Pastor John, I would like to add my testimony of deliverance to your website. I signed your guest book but did not see a place in the testimony area where I could share the blessings of phone deliverance. "I will bless the Lord at all times and His praise shall continually be in my mouth." I had no real idea just how bound and tangled my life was...

As we chatted about, (as a woman in ministry of predominantly men), things are happening and I feel a release like never before. From this day forward, I will keep both a prayerful and watchful eye upon just how powerful the Lord is working in my life. I have been so enlightened and blessed by our phone time together. I'm trusting God that I will walk in ALL he has for me and will also serve as a vessel to help set captives free and heal broken hearts. Now that I'm freed from bondages both emotional and spiritual, it is as if I have been given "new eyes" to see others hurting. I'm moved with greater compassion, feel some burden for the brokenhearted and troubled friends, family and co-laborers around me...

PRAISE GOD!!!! I feel like CELEBRATING WITH ALL PRAISE AND GLORY TO GOD, how about you.  "Remember, the ratio for every 1 soul, they will have opportunity to help 1000... even your shadow will be a blessing to those you encounter and will cause demons to flee" As I'm writing this e-mail, something came to me -- I had been told that a man of God would be of great blessing to me in my next steps and Christian development -- given my history and its problems, I was closed off for a long time to that even being a remote possibility... Look at God, Pastor John, he just got right passed any of my own hold-ups or hang-ups and send me your way -- YES, you have blessed me and have served as a great encouragement. Love, Peace and Blessings be upon you. Rev. Eunice Meade

THE CAPTIVE HAS BEEN SET FREE!!! During the course of this year I began to sink into a deep depression. I was haunted by the past memories of abuse I had experienced and I was also still full of grief after the death of my mother. I literally lost all hope. I was on the verge of giving up on life it's self. I was then put on medication, but that could not heal the depression or fill my heart.

         I then started to receive encouraging e-mails from a God loving women named Rebecca Peters. I told her of my depression and what I was feeling. Which honestly I felt like I was about to give up, but I confided in her and took her advice in e-mailing Pastor John at White Sands Ministries. I was surprised at how fast Pastor John e-mailed me back. He wanted me to go through the Deliverance process and was very eager for me to be free form the grievances which were plaguing my life. He kept e-mailing me for around a month and kept letting me know he really cared.

          Finally on the early Thursday morning of June 27, 2002 God gave me the courage to pick up the phone and call Pastor John to go through the Deliverance process. I was literally shaking with nervousness, but Pastor John prayed with me and commanded the spirit that was causing the shaking to leave me in the name of Jesus. We stayed on the phone that morning for around two hours going through each spirit that caused a hindrance to my life. Pastor John also made me feel very comfortable all through out the process and shared his own experiences. After wards I was starving for what the Lord wanted to give me, so Pastor John mailed me some information about the gift of tongue's. That morning when I hung up the phone with him I was overwhelmed with the joy of the Lord! I literally felt like jumping up and down and dancing! I was really as one would say free at last!

            Pastor John after that day still e-mailed me and expressed to me that when I was ready God's gift of tongue's was available to me. He wanted me to be able to experience all what the Lord had to offer as much as I did! We soon tried to set up another time to talk and pray. Once again on July 22, 2002 the Lord gave me courage to pick up the phone and call Pastor John. Almost immediately he started to pray with me and I received the gift of tongue's and we began praying in tongue's together! After that Pastor John stayed on the line with me so I could ask him some questions and he was much more than willing.

            All I can say is GLORY BE TO GOD!!! I am free! Thanks to the saving power of Jesus Christ through his death on the cross and through God placing people in my life to show that there is always hope in the Lord. It can only be called a miracle when Rebecca Peters and Pastor John's ministry  were placed  into my life. Even though we were hundreds of miles apart God brought them to me to work through them to literally save my physical and spiritual life. Now I am walking in the Light of the Lord and am wanting to eternally do my Father's will. I can never thank the Lord enough for placing these Angels in my life. The only words of wisdom I can leave you with is when you feel lost and hopeless there is away out through our Lord Christ Jesus. He can and will deliver you and he has much to offer above all he offers you unconditional love! 

Filled with the Love of Christ, Amber Hagel, age 16  


I had a special session and prayer agreement done with a very special Pastor as well as a friend/brother of mine the beginning of the week,  and as always very inspiring and the spirit of the Lord flowed so thick between us and our phone line (as we live on opposits sides of the USA) and if you don't mind I wanted to share with you. I won't go through it all,  but Pastor John agreed that I was being healed from head to toe and that my muscles and bones would all strengthen and build strong and I would have added heighths,   PRAISE THE LORD!!! the following day for the first time in four years I had to raise my cain up a notch which is just an ace over an inch higher!!!!!  THANK YOU LORD!!!!:)  and I've had fewer crying spells and have been in the Spirit of Lord (I'm always in the Spirit, but I just felt it even stronger this week,  PRAISE THE LORD!!  so I wanted to share this Praise with you,  and also  Thank You PJ,  you are so wonderful to so many children of God, and thank you for letting God use you to stand in agreement with me and to minister and re-charge my battery (if you will) in the Spirit of the Lord!!!  I'm truely Blessed with you in my life!!!  for those of you who don't know,  this is the same Pastor that on July 5 of last year did my deliverance prayer and many miracles and changes for the Glory of God has taken place this year,  Praise the Lord!!!. Love to all of you,  thank you again, Love in Christ, Regina, Regina Rose, Gina, Lil'Sis, Aunt Gina, Grandma, and Reg.


Dear Pastor Kerns, I am not sure if you will remember me or not. I asked for information on deliverance about a year or so ago. I told you that my wife of 21 years was just deciding to up and leave my self and out 12 year old. You were such a blessing. I wanted to say praise the Lord and thank you for shooting straight with me. After over 6 months of constant prayer and just straight up believing God for the promise that he would keep all that is committed to him my wife and I are reconciled and the Lord is restoring love to us better than ever before. One day I may be able to send you some financial help but for now rest assured that you were part of a good work God had in store for my self, my family, and my wife. My name is Dean Keenan and I go by ic4men on the web. I just wanted to say thank you again and please do not ever change. Please send me your news letter if you will. The best email addy is ic4men@hotmail.com That one will always make it to me. God bless you and may the riches of heaven


I'm in complete PRAISE AND GLORY!!!! to our Precious Heavenly Father!!!!  And have not stopped PRAISING  HIM since July 5th 2001. When you first started the Tuesday Prayer and Fasting,  of course I wanted to join,  for I concider it quite a Blessing to be able to pray for our brothers and sisters requests and needs. Of course at that time,   I too had requests of my own,  which one of the main one  was my sleeping disorder along with nightmares. I have had sleeping disorders for most of my life,  and was diagnosed with sleep apnea aprox. four years ago.  On top of that,  just over two years ago,  I started having vivid nightmares,  that not happened once in awhile,  but everynight,  all night long,  I would never be able to sleep more than 1 1/2 to 2 hours at a time,  without being woke up with horrible nightmares,  that were so real,  I would actually feel the pain and fear that I was facing in my nightmares. I had done many treatments, gone to many doctors, changed my room around,  the colors of my room,  the way the bed was facing, showers at night before going to bed,  soft music,  Christian music, no music,  tv on,  tv off,  tea before bed,  window open, window closed,  lights on, lights off,  I can go on for a long time of all the changes I tried to stop the nightmares. I have had my request on every prayer list I knew of, for my sleeping problem,  and I use to get real stressed about it.  Sometimes not having sleep and being very very tired was better than going to sleep and face the vivid nightmares,  until I would go days on end with no sleep,  and then of course that will and does play with your mental attitude. Sometimes,  I would be awake days on end not realizing it, and my husband would bring it to my attention,  and make me take this very heavy sedated sleeping pill and go to bed,  which for any average person that would take one of these sleeping pills,  it would knock them out for at least 12 hours straight,  I would take two and feel very blessed if I got anywhere from 3-4 hours sleep,  and then the routine started all over again. After awhile,  I would quit stressing it as much,  and just concidered,  since I pray for others daily,  that God must have needed me to pray for those in the middle of the night,  concidering that our problems don't stop just because the sun goes down,  and I from experience understand way too well,  that most problems for us,  are intensified in the nighttime,  so I would just do my prayers on the computer and pray all night long. Well,  through the love, Grace, and mercy of the Lord,  God sent some wonderful people in my life,  and touched their hearts and souls and led them to take my sleeping problem a little farther and ask for some extra help,  and through them (they know who they are, PRAISE GOD!!!!)  on July 5th 2001  I went through a deliverance prayer session,  and PRAISE GOD!!!!  I Regina Rose,  for the first time in all my life WAS/IS  SET FREE!!!!  PRAISE GOD!!!! I sleep anywhere from 5-6 hours nightly,  NOT one nightmare since then,  PRAISE GOD!!!!  I have not had one bout with depression or crying jags since my deliverance, PRAISE GOD!!!  I for the first time in my life know and feel what people mean when they say they love living (THOUGH IF GOD TAKES ME HOME TONIGHT,  I'D GO IN  A FLASH)  but am satisfied and happy with each day HE Blesses me here on this earth praying I'm doing HIS will. I am showered with God's Love and Joy!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!  I almost actually drive my husband and friends nuts,  by all the energy and joy that God has shared and flooded my heart with!!!! PRAISE GOD!!! I pray daily that God will let all this Love and Joy of HIS rub off on anyone and everyone I come in contact with,  and that HE will use me for HIS Glory,  and that I will humble myself and ALWAYS give God all the PRAISE AND GLORY!!!! I'm sorry this is a book,  and hope you don't go blind reading it, hahahaha   There is even so much more I haven't even touched that God has delivered me from,  but I wanted to share this with all,  who took the time and fasted and prayed for me and my requests,  and let them know that GOD IS WONDERFUL!!!!  AND THROUGH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!!  BUT MOST OF ALL,  I WANT TO BE THAT ONE,  THAT TURNED BACK AND,  THANKED GOD!!!! FOR SETTING ME FREE!!!!!  PRAISE GOD!!!!  AND LET HIM KNOW,  I KNOW IT WAS ALL HIS DOING AND WILL!!!!  PRAISE GOD!!!!  Thank you all for listening and sharing God's Glory with me,  and always remember,  I lift all of you in prayer daily!!!!   Love in Christ Regina Downhour